Your secret weapon to consistently filling your books with quality patients & clients you want to work with …

You’ve worked hard to build your business, but month-to-month, the growth is not where you had hoped it would be.

You’re getting clients in the door. They love the work you and your team do. You’re working long hours to sustain it and make sure you’re offering the latest in treatments that clients expect.

But then, there are staff schedules to create, stock needs ordering, the accounts need doing, and there are processes to check everyone is adhering to so that quality of service is maintained. And then? You’re supposed to understand the moving parts of digital marketing? Who’s got time for that?

You’re smart. You’ve put the time into your training, and that of your team. But you’re still caught either month-to-month on revenue, or you’ve hit an income plateau and need a way to break through that.

Your services sell. But the big challenge is to get people to hear about them and get those people booking appointments.

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We have helped Business Owners & Healthcare providers:

  • Pay off their devices early.

  • Get a consistent stream of QUALITY appointments 

  • Ensure their brand is "top of mind" in your region.

  • Maintain a long-term system that drives revenue growth.


Here's what your business is about to look like: 


Your brand is the one your ideal customers think of when they’re ready to book.

You have a system to navigate the seasonality and smooth out the revenue bumps that so many of your competitors face.

You never have to rely alone on referrals or word-of-mouth ever again.

You are focusing on building up services you want more of so that you can relax and spend more time doing what you want and enjoying your family.


You are promoting your new services and devices quickly, and getting those flooded with bookings.

Want to see how other Clients have benefitted?

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"Now my competitors are seeing me as a threat." 

-Gerry, Soma Lasers

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" I just adore you! Thank you so much for all have done over the last year. You have taken my business up a notch and now my competitors are starting to notice me, seeing me as a threat, which is fantastic!"


"I have definitely seen an increase in patients since working together with Yee Lin."

- Dr. Vanessa, Consultant Ophthalmologist & Oculoplastic Surgeon

"I was initially hesitant to market my practice, I've always received patients through referrals and word of mouth. However, after I left my position in the public sector and started my own practice, I needed to get new patients and marketing was the only way to go. Hence, I engaged Yee Lin and she helped set up my website and Facebook. I have definitely seen an increase in patients since working together with Yee Lin. "

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"I’ve only used Facebook advertising to get my name out there and now I’m opening up my second branch..."

-Antonia from Ultra Face Body Beauty

“Just launched my business in the last 3 months. I’ve only used Facebook advertising to get my name out there and now I’m opening up my second branch with another partner.”

Have we crossed paths before? I’m Yee Lin.


I lead an agile team helping high-end clinics, plastic surgeons, MedSpa, salon owners and other local business owners reach the best and most lucrative audiences, increasing their returns and delivering a steady number of high-quality patients and clients.

I’m well-qualified with a Masters of Marketing and ensure that both I and my team invest in ongoing professional development to stay up-to-date with changes in the industry.

Our motto? Do good work.

When you work with us you’ll get access to our proven, automated system that generates inquiries + appointment bookings. We keep up with the latest tech innovations and use best-in-industry methods so that you put yourself miles ahead of your competition.

I look forward to helping you increase your revenue!


Yee Lin Loke, Master Of Marketing, RMIT University

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We’ve achieved results like this for our clients:

Putting Yee Lin Loke in charge of your marketing campaigns brings the confident, professional and accountable approach to marketing that you have been looking for. No longer will you spend hours creating blog posts, videos, Google ads & Facebook posts that generate little to no engagement.​

Each time we build and turn on a campaign, we see enormous growth for our clients. 


Trusted by:

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In partnership with:



$42k sales in 3 months from body contouring and facial rejuvenation services

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7x Return On Ad Spend in just 4 weeks of launching a campaign. Plus, another 17 booked consultations on top of that, for services ranging from 500-2500 with a cost per lead of $15.

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Generated leads worth $30,000 each for an aesthetic device distributor for just $35 per lead.

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13% increase in revenue in 6 months for an OBGYN.

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Generating Salon service purchases worth $800 for just $25 each.



5x Return on marketing spend including our fees and ad spend to generate sales worth $63k


"What if I don’t take up this opportunity?"

The simplest answer to that is to ask yourself, “How have my current methods served me?” 

You can keep: 

  • Relying on friends or colleagues to recommend you.

  • Advertising in print media and hope someone sees it, and not worry about measuring the results.

  •  Not knowing what it actually costs to have a client make a booking.

  • Wondering how your business will be next month, and whether you’ll have enough income to pay your staff and cover equipment repayments or rental.

Or, you can get clear on how your business will grow to the next level.

And you can partner with one of the best in the industry when it comes to getting clients in the door for healthcare, medspa, and local businesses.


Here's what the we can do:

  • Attracts Ideal Clients - No more deal seekers and tire-kickers. You want the kind who will come for expert, full-price services and stay for years to come! 

  • ​Gets Leads On Autopilot - Implement a full lead nurturing system that includes integrated automation between funnels, chatbots, email, and voice SMS. 

  • Nurtures Them To Sale - Research shows it takes seven exposures to get the sale. We help fill the holes in your current system bucket so your leads stay in the bucket long enough to become customers.

  • Optimizes Campaigns - This system handles things from every point of your campaigns. We’re always testing and tweaking so you get the BEST results possible. 

  • Controls Information - We create information flows that lead your audience on a specific path to booking. You’ll always know where the information is going and when the audience receives it. This system runs like clockwork!

  • Tracks Result - Your team can track your results online with your own private dashboard. You’ll always know exactly what’s going on 24/7!


Here's what's included:


Stop competing with others in the RED OCEAN market. Educational content connects with people by showcasing your expertise. This gives you a more authoritative voice and gives you the edge over the competition who may not be posting any educational content at all. 

Here's what's included:


Stop competing with others in the RED OCEAN market. Educational content connects with people by showcasing your expertise. This gives you a more authoritative voice and gives you the edge over the competition who may not be posting any educational content at all. 


You spent valuable time and money on grabbing their attention in the first place, so why not make the most of your efforts and re-engage these folks? Reactivation campaigns are a cost-effective way to determine who still wants to hear from you, who doesn’t want to hear from you.


Statistics prove potential local customers are highly likely to be influenced by consumer-generated content and review campaigns. Review campaigns are highly cost-effective, provide unique and creative content, and additionally, they produce high levels of social engagement. Customer reviews campaigns are important in increasing sales conversions and featuring positive company information. So let's make your customers become the greatest evangelists a brand could ever have.


Video and marketing go together like Harry and Meghan. They just belong together. Video connects with people on a personal level and will increase your likes, comments and shares. Video rises through all the clutter of ads people are bombarded with and actually gets noticed, and as a byproduct, you will get massive RESULTS. We'll develop, work together with you and implement a high-level video strategy for your business that WORKS!


With everything you have on your plate as a business owner, you DON’T need to spend time worrying if new clients are going to magically appear. Our end-to-end inquiry nurturing system consistently deliver qualified leads that show up, pay full price, and become lifetime clients.


In today’s day and age, your potential client has the attention span of a goldfish. They’re being exposed to over 5,000 ads per day! Our marketing makes it freakin’ easy for them to do business with you. My team and I use the most current communication technologies to interact with your target audience to provide instant assistance, give buying advice, and resolve common questions and objections. Instead of burning out your employees with mundane and repetitive tasks....automate!


  • What will it cost?

We don't use a cookie-cutter approach. Our strategies are customized to suit your services and business needs which is a key aspect we identify after the first call with you. 

We usually charge a flat fee over 3 months. The overall cost would depend on the size of the project. We require a minimum ad spend (paid directly to Facebook) of $1,000 a month.

  • Do you offer a guarantee? 

Our goal when taking on clients is to work with you in the long run, we aren't a one-off agency. When we work together, we work to determine your goals and we are committed to achieving that during our time on the project.  That said,  we can provide guarantees BUT it is subject to an assessment of your business. 

  • How are we different from other agencies? 

We make it our business to understand your business. We genuinely care and understand what you and your customers want. This means that when we launch your campaigns, your potential customers see you and wonder “How did they know what I am thinking? How did they know I need this right now?” It’s highly effective.

Our goal is to attract  people who are genuinely interested in your business. And to top it all off, we go above and beyond by providing training and strategies that are broader than advertising, to help you build your brand and strengthen your entire sales process.