How We Took A Brick And Mortar Medical Practice And Catapulted Her Practice Into The Digital Realm.

The result: We received a 15% increase in revenue over 9 months

Dr Gan Kam Ling
The background

Dr. Gan is a prominent OBGYN in Penang. She has received numerous accolades from her peers and is a trusted doctor for her patients who hail from all over the world.

Traditionally, growth of her practice was limited to referrals and word of mouth. Because of the increasingly competitive market within the medical filed, it has become important for Dr. Gan to market her services, but more specifically market them well and with accuracy.

The Internet gave her the ability to reach out to more patients with little effort and more impact. Which previously, would have been difficult.

Her main goals were to leverage on the Internet to:

  1. Increase her engagement with both her existing and potential patients;

  2. Raise awareness on women’s health by providing a platform for patients to reach out to her and provide them with the right knowledge to make informed decisions.

What we had to achieve:

  1. Build a strong online presence.

  2. Use campaigns with language and content appropriate for a professional and reputable medical practice. We could not run the same promotions and adverts that businesses in other industries did.

  3. Build trust and authority through providing responsible education to patients. It was very important to ensure the right messages reach the patients with corresponding needs.

How we did this:

  1. First, we developed a website and adopted best practices to help rank the page well on Google. (

  2. Next, we optimized the website by adding backlinks on highly relevant directories, including Google My Business, What Clinic, BookDoc.

  3. Then, we shifted our focus to driving traffic to Dr Gan’s website. We went through a range of different marketing activities including Facebook ad campaigns, Google ads and email marketing campaigns. We decided to focus our efforts on Facebook marketing ( This proved to be the most effective method to reach out and engage with new and existing patients. It has also been the best method for generating online word of mouth. We shared lots of educational content and this directly helped with showcasing Dr Gan’s personality and values as a doctor. We ran specific quarterly Facebook Advertising campaigns to raise awareness on a selected topic. The first quarter was focused on raising awareness on late childbearing, while the next quarter zoomed in on the topic of infertility and pregnancy. The most recent and current ongoing campaign we are running is on raising awareness of the importance of a yearly gynecological health check.

As a result of our efforts, we have grown Dr Gan’s page likes organically to 1252 over the last 9 months.

  1. Email marketing was another very effective tool for us. They are a great way to keep in touch with her existing patients, and a great way to send out reminders when they are due. This has significantly helped increased patient retention rates.

The horizon of success:

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Gan. Credit goes to her for working so closely with us, and continuously providing feedback on our campaigns to make our efforts better each day.

This partnership coupled with a strong integrated strategy and the power of Facebook advertising, has proven to be a solid marketing method that enhances the ways medical practitioners can reach out to patients.

In about 9 months of marketing, Dr. Gan has seen a 15% increase in revenue from prior years. She now ranks on the first page of Google when people look for an OBGYN in Penang.

Her well-optimized Facebook presence has helped with SEO ranking and building authority and traffic to Dr. Gan’s website. This essentially created more shelf space for her web presence and we are now receiving up to 3.4k visits a month to her website as of August 2017.

This project has given us the opportunity to not only help Dr. Gan achieve her goals, but to also help change the lives of many people.

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