Major Updates to Facebook and Messenger, Happening 15th January

Messenger Chat - Major Facebook Updates

Most of you that follow our posts know that we are a huge fan of Chatbots.

So here's a quick announcement: First, Messenger will update its “standard messaging window” to 24 hours on the 15th of January. After this time, companies will be able to reach consumers through message tags and sponsored messages.

Message tags will also be simplified, allowing businesses to send one-on-one messages to users that don’t fall within the standard messaging window for four different use cases: post-purchase updates, event reminders, account updates, and human agent (which is in closed beta).

BE WARNED: if you are sending messages outside the 24-hour window, you are going to have a very high risk of your account being banned.

This is great because it prevents you from spamming people and I have to agree It's a great initiative.

So here are some recommendations from Rutger Thole, start collecting sms and emails to focus on a multi-channel approach. Get their consent and close them outside of messenger.

Moving forward this is going to be how marketing will and should work. It needs to be a multi-channel approach.

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