How I Generated 100% ROI For An Aesthetic Clinic In 3 Weeks

So I'd like to share my experience and a few key lessons I learned from working with a local aesthetic clinic.

My client initially was only relying on Groupon, word of mouth, and boosted posts to market her service.

It worked initially, but after that, it just didn’t make financial sense. Selling on Groupon required her to discount her services up to 50% off and on top of that, they still took another 50% of her sales. And those customers never ever came back again. It just wasn't a sustainable business model. And most of her time was spent answering people's questions and comments on her boosted posts and it wasn't translating into sales.

After she worked with us, we saw immediate results. In the first 3 weeks, the client made a 100% ROI (this included all the ad spend, the cost of our services and factoring in her own running cost). We pretty much halved her CPLs and reduced no shows for the clients that booked in. We delivered over 50 opt-ins for our offer in just 3 weeks.

Here are a few lessons I learnt:

1. Your creatives will make Or break you

In a limited market size, you have to constantly change up your ads. Like most local businesses, most people won’t travel beyond a certain distance for it. On a side note, we also found videos are the most effective method for our audience and reduced our CPLs by almost half. Our CTRs All on average is now 14% and unique CTRs link is at 7%, which is about double from what we got with image ads using the exact same ad copy.

2. TEST your targeting

Heck, we thought to target people interested in beauty was a no-brainer and this service we were offering would clearly be of interest to them. But who knew, targeting a general population of women worked out 3x better in terms of our CPLs. Again, a rule of thumb, never assume. Always test.

3. Don't just have one offer

If you have a new client, you have to do whatever it takes to give them results. Offers should change regularly too. What we are working towards is creating monthly offers. Each offer doesn’t last long, so there is a sense of urgency that encourages people to book themselves in. Every other month, we would try to alternate our focus when marketing the client’s services. Even though it’s essentially the same service, we would focus our offer on a different segment and target different audiences with a different problem that needs fixing.

4. Your clients are your business partners

Work with clients that respect what you do and are willing to ride out the ups and downs with you. When it comes to lead generation, half the work is from the advertisers' end, and the other half is in the hands of the client. We work in close partnerships with our clients and it’s important to keep it honest. Sometimes we are tempted to avoid conflict with a client and just accept what they want, but it may not be in their best interest.

We had to consistently push and work with our client to ensure they have a proper follow-up system, we pushed for them to contact the leads at least 5-7 times before throwing in the towel. We even contacted the leads on our own to find out where things are at. At the end of the day, we do what we have to and deliver the results for the client.

5. Testimonials are your holy grail

Because you can’t use before and after photos to justify your client’s work, testimonials are a huge factor influencing conversions, and I mean lots and lots of them. Think of other ways to incorporate your before and after videos, emails are one of them.

6. Reduce no-shows

Another issue most clients face is no-show and there are a few things you could do to improve that.

For one, offer a refundable deposit for booking in their appointments. The other option is to provide an added bonus if a client pays a deposit to secure their booking. Of course, never forget your follow-ups with SMS/email and send out those reminders before an appointment.

Hope this was able to help some of you that are running ads for your local aesthetic centres.

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