Should You Advertise Your Practice?

Understanding The Role Of Medical Marketing

Before jumping straight into digital marketing, there are a number of considerations you must look at. We can all agree, word-of-mouth is still the most effective way to drive patient traffic. Service and quality is what drives patient satisfaction, hence driving referral traffic. But remember, word-or-mouth can – and does – spread faster than you can say hello online. Digital marketing is a great way to earn passive and better yet, active referrals at a large scale. An excellent digital marketing strategist with a firm understanding of the medical sector can help you create an online showcase for your practice. Whilst traditional word-of-mouth has its merits, have you considered what if, you are a doctor starting out in a new practice or who have moved to a new area? What if you have an interest in a particular service and want to grow that area in your practice? How will you reach out to patients? Hence, the first question you should always ask is “what is the purpose of digital marketing for your practice?” Before diving straight into this, always determine your goal for having an online presence, this would help you in determining the strategy moving forward for your practice. So, Why is it Important for Healthcare Professionals to Utilise Online Marketing? Because of the increasingly competitive market within the medical field, it is even more important for medical professionals to not only market their services, but more specifically to market them well, and with accuracy. This means utilising your website, social media, and any other online marketing initiatives you engage in to define exactly what your practice offers, how it will benefit patients, and let people know you exist! Why not use this opportunity to give credit to your staff? You can show off your great employees, share accolades and accomplishments, and simultaneously advertise your area of expertise to new patients! However, there is one key thing to remember, too much promotion can create a negative impression instead. There is a finesse to medical marketing. Your marketing plan and tone of communication is critical, it should always be one of concern for your patient’s health and protecting their well-being. Advertising regulations is an area that tends to overwhelm doctors so we will dive into that in more detail in my next blog here.

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