Why You Became A Doctor Determines How You Market Your Practice.

Why you became a doctor

It’s important to understand what motivates you. It is what makes you different and helps you determine your goal for wanting to market your practice.

Everyone wants to get more patients, but have you asked yourself why? Why do you want more patients?

I actually started considering my why recently. By reconnecting with my why, I was able to capture, distill, and explain my what.

My why is the belief that everyone should have access to healthcare and they should be given the opportunity to make an informed decision that’s in their best interest.

My why powers my curiosity and explains the compelling need for me to build the systems to help patients and doctors effectively communicate their goals and improve the outcomes between doctors and patients.

Your why allows connects you to others.

My why naturally draws me to understanding the why in others. I’m not alone. When we know and share our why, we connect with others.

I have been around all types of physicians since I was born into a medical family.

What I have realised is that there are many reasons why people become a doctor in the first place, however, there are 4 major reasons why most people choose to become a doctor.

When I work with any of my doctor clients, I always identify which category they are in so it’s easier to help them determine the strategy they want to take with their marketing.

So here are the 4 reasons:

1) They became a physician because they have a personal mission, purpose or driving force to heal people, be of service and/or save the world. They are all about the purpose and don’t necessarily care about money. For example, doctors who join “Doctors Without Borders”.

2) They became a physician because they want to heal people and be of service, but there is equal emphasis on having a lucrative career where they can earn a healthy income. 3) They became a physician because they are success driven, have heard that being a physician is a high paying profession and they are mostly focused on the career and income making potential. 4) They became a physician because one or both parents or grandparents were physicians and their family expected them to become a physician. Maybe they were doing their family duty. (Believe it or not, I have met many doctors in this situation)

If you are asking, what these doctor categories have to do with how you grow your practice, here is what I have discovered:

  • People who are in the 1st category want to save the world, are very happy because they are living their purpose and doing what they love, however they will burn out faster than everyone else, because they are giving away all of their energy with little in return. Happiness is very important in all careers, however you need to receive something of equal value in return for energy you are giving away. This is where having the right marketing strategy can help. In this age, the ability to reach out to many people without boundaries, to make a difference in people’s lives is actually possible. The focus on providing and educating patients, helping them receive the best treatments and care for their situation is achievable using the right tools without having to sacrifice all your time.

  • Physicians who are in category 2, have a healthy work/money balance, may or may not be happy with their life, career and relationships, but they still have all of the same stress that every physician experiences. Because they are working hard at what they love to do and also want to make more money and be successful, their biggest need is creating more time, profit and freedom. Having someone who is knowledgeable in medical marketing comes in handy here, someone you can trust to take over and help you grow your practice with your best interest in mind and free up some time for you to focus on what you want whilst helping you generate a consistent stream of patients throughout the year.

  • If you fall in the 3rd or 4th category, perhaps medical marketing isn’t what you might need now for your practice right now. Perhaps you might need help with your priorities and try to focus on achieving a healthy-work life balance. But this is something you will have to discover for yourself.

That being said, no matter what your why, spend the time to figure it all out because it's worthwhile doing so. It’s important to look at this information in order to help you identify what it means to grow your business, prevent burnout and create more happiness and success in your life and your business.

If you are ready to take the action and need help achieving your goals, let’s have a conversation.

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