Why Doctors Need A Personal Brand

Branding for doctors

Of all the things that they forget to teach you in medical school, marketing is certainly one of them. And today, the dominance of social media and crowd-sourced ratings make it almost imperative that clinicians stay mindful of their reputation in the marketplace. Some people call it your brand. But between physical exams and insurance forms, this "clinical brand" may not ever get to be very high on your to-do list. Let's start with understanding just what is a personal brand and its components.

I found that every person, in every field, in every region of the world followed the same four steps gain an advantage through their personal brand. Briefly, those four steps are:

  1. identifying a sustainable interest (Positioning).

  2. finding an un-contested space on the web (Targeting - Facebook).

  3. building an actionable audience (Collecting Leads / Contact details.)

  4. creating consistent, meaningful content (Communication).

Every medical professional can potentially have a sustainable competitive advantage by being known. It's kind of word-of-mouth on steroids. Where do you want to go next with your career? Attract more patients? Be named to a prestigious board? Maybe write a book or speak someday? To do that, you have to be known. So how do we do that today on the internet? By using technology to create an emotional connection with people and by helping them, serving them, maybe even entertaining them. Instead of "selling," I think the operative word is "helping or educating" today. So here is the takeaway for today, focus on educating not selling! Have a good day.

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