medical marketing mistakes

Are you guilty of these 5 sins when it comes to medical marketing?

1) Poor strategy Before you start anything, it is important to have a well-defined plan that clearly states your end objectives. If you don’t give planning a required degree of attention, then for sure your efforts will go in vain. You might even end up losing your qualified leads and face a decline in your revenue. You know how to market your services, but if you don’t have a patient-centric strategy, then sorry to say you are just burning money. 2) Selling is a sin! Nothing puts patients off more than a doctor that heavily advertises and offers discounts. You can’t treat everything like a sales pitch. The purpose of online healthcare marketing is not to directly generate sales, but to generate trust between your practice and your patients. Focus on educating patients instead. 3) Promoting specialities and services without relating them to solutions. “It is the message, not the medium,” is a common phrase. Marketing mediums are only the vehicle; it is the message carried by the medium that makes the difference. Many physicians are not conveying the most valuable message to patients — We are problem solvers. 4) Treating marketing as an expense. Marketing should be viewed as an investment in your practice. Like investments, results from marketing build over time using multiple strategies and can be adjusted and fine-tuned to achieve optimal effectiveness. 5) Failure to interact. Communication is one of the most important traits that patients want from their doctor. Many people are hesitant to engage with current or prospective patients online for a number of reasons, including the fear of violating regulations and the fear of opening the door to negative comments or reviews. A major component of online marketing is the interaction with others as a means to maintain a healthy relationship with your current patients and to nurture new ones.

If you would like to learn how to avoid these mistakes, feel free to shoot me an email and i'll be happy to help.

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