Find out How We Tripled our Client’s Appointments from 3-5 a Week to Consistent
40-50 Bookings Each Month!

All In Just 3 Months!

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The Problem

When Jo first approached us, she was struggling. She was having difficulty getting her advertising noticed on Facebook™ - she was spending money but not getting the coverage she needed. She was getting clients on Groupon but that just wiped up her profit margins. To top it all off, she found it really hard to break even after purchasing a new device that cost 30k for this treatment


It was clear Jo needed a new strategy!

Watch this video walkthrough that shows you exactly how we delivered the bookings that helped Jo pay off her device earlier AND grow her client list! 
The Solution

We went with a 2 part messenger advertising strategy. Messenger advertising has been great in this niche, the level of personal interaction and engagement we get allows you to build trust and credibility with your potential customers! And this is a crucial component when it comes to marketing because customers come to you because they trust you!


Frankly, even Forbes has said Messenger Marketing is the "new way to do business" and it is set to be the single biggest marketing channel in the next few years!

The Result

We achieved a cost per lead of $3 and a cost per booking of $25 each for a service that brings in a net profit of $600 each treatment!


Today, we were able to grow and build her an automated system that generates 40-50 appointments each month!


In just half a year Jo has fully paid off her device - this has not only allowed big savings on additional finance costs, but allowed Jo to free up her cash flow, faster.

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We can help you to generate high quality leads on autopilot through automated funnels and campaigns, and help you dominate in the beauty market in your local area. We offer a full done for you service created by top-notch production teams.

Book in your free zero-obligation strategy call today! If we feel like we can help we will also offer you an opportunity to partner with us!

Other Wins

My winning formula that increased a medical practitioner’s revenue by 13% and the number of patient visits by 27% over 6 months!

Our client started off as a traditional brick and mortar local medical specialist with no online presence. We started off by creating a website for her and running a lead gen campaign for a women’s health check awareness on cervical cancer and the importance of pap smears. And since then, we have been working on 3 projects over the last 2 years and she is ranked as one of the top local OBGYNs in the market.

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From 0 leads to 25 leads in 30 days at $35 per lead for an aesthetic device worth 30k!

Our Aesthetic Device Distributor went from 0 leads a month, only relying on Word of mouth to generating leads 25 warm leads each month for one single device. She initially went from spending $1000 a month in ad spend to now spending $2500 a month after 3 months of working with her!

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Joanne, Owner at Restore Face & Body

I met Yee Lin 3 months ago. I was having difficulty getting my advertising noticed on Facebook™ and I was spending money and not getting the coverage that I needed. Yee Lin has been amazing! My business has grown over the last 3 months and I am getting better quality clients who are genuinely interested in my product. Yee Lin is very thorough and guides you through every step. I could not be happier and I am so glad I met you. Thank you for taking my business to the next step. Looking forward to more successful campaigns. Thank you!


Dr.Vanessa, Consultant Ophthalmologist & Oculoplastic Surgeon

I was initially hesitant to market my practice, I've always received patients through referrals and word of mouth. However, after I left my position in the public sector and started my own practice, I needed to get new patients and marketing was the only way to go. Hence, I engaged Yee Lin and she helped set up my website and Facebook™. I have definitely seen an increase in patients since working together with Yee Lin.


Jason How, Owner & Marketing Consultant at J Social

If I'm hiring a marketing consultant, I would hire Yee Lin. She embodies the values of a trusted, long-term business partner. She strives to do her absolute best and to deliver results for all of her clients. She never stops thinking about possible ways to get better results. That's what makes her special. It's not easy to find someone with as much integrity as her. If you want to work with a reliable business partner (not just a woolly consultant) you'll want to talk to Yee Lin.

What Client's Say About Us

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About Us

Our Motto: Do Good Work!

We help high-end clinics and salon owners reach the best & most lucrative audiences, increasing their return on Facebook™ Ads spend & delivering an increased number of higher quality leads.


Working with us, we will help you create an automated system to generate inquiries and help you fill up your appointment books! We love incorporating the latest tech and innovations into your marketing system so you stand out from the crowd.


We love to make a difference. We let you focus on making your clients look and feel better, by taking the whole process off your hands. We'll establish your targeting, put together your ad creative, and then monitor and test it all until we crack the results you're after!