Closed 36 New Stockists With An Initial Order Value Worth $44k. With Each Stockist Ordering An Average Order Value of $6-10k over the year, that’s a potential of $216k sales a year.

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The Result:

Average Cost Per Lead $32 per lead

Average Cost Per Lead $32 per lead

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What we did:


Onboard New Stockists For An New Organic SkinCare Brand



Our client is an established trainer in the beauty industry. She started selling organic skincare because of the demand in the market wanting more organic and pure ingredients. When we started working with her she only had a handful of clients and was happy with a handful more clients.

The industry at that stage was only dominated by 2 other major brands and our goal was to help her establish her presence in the market and to help her build up this arm of her business to generate passive income for her.

Actions and solutions:

We did a deep drive and researched what others were doing in this industry. We worked hard to identify the key selling points to help convert other brand users and build her brand in the market.

We started off first identifying where she could stand out in the market. It turns out there’s a huge untapped market for smaller home based and single operator salons that couldn’t afford the high opening orders and minimum monthly orders that usually was a  requirement with other big brands.

We did consider Google Ads but found that the number of keywords and searches would not be a viable option so we decided to use that pain point we identified above and run Facebook ads for her.

We built them a full end-to-end solution that could automate and track the journey of a prospect to simplify the lead management process. This included email nurturing sequences and sms campaigns to close the gaps in her marketing.

The following tactics were key drivers for our client’s Facebook advertising campaign:

Step 1 - We had to identify the right type of audience for our client. Given she has never done any Facebook advertising, we worked with a blank canvas. We tested everything from specific interest targeting, to a lookalike audience of her current clients. Eventually, we found the best audience was a lookalike of people that engaged with her Facebook page and Instagram. This was the breakthrough. The client was very creative and had been posting up great content over the years so we had a great audience to work with.

Step 2 - We tested all possible versions of creatives for this client to find what resonated best with her audience. Over time we identified the best creatives were the ones that showcased her products and highlighted the key selling points in the text in the ad.

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Step 3  - Once we had enough data to work with, we started running retargeting ads. This was the icing on the cake. We brought a lot of leads with a really great cost per lead through our retargeting efforts.

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A year now since working together, our client has found it difficult to keep up with leads. We have since advised her to hire someone to manage the sales process and we are glad she has, that has taken a lot of pressure off her plate and she is now able to focus on growing the business.

We are still working to date on this campaign. We have been refining our strategy as we go along and we are now focusing on running an educational series for therapists to build up a loyal following and a more holistic approach to her marketing.



“Thanks. You're a legend so glad I found you. You challenge me and I love it” - Donna

Want to grow your business and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your area? 
Feel free to request a FREE strategy session so we can discuss your goals and find out if we are a good fit to help you.